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Myrkur announces a new title for 2020

We at Myrkur are incredibly excited and happy to announce that we have started development of a new fantasy RPG! During the next three years, we are all fully committed to creating the most amazing and epic gaming experience possible. Due to the ambitiousness of our new game, we’ll be expanding the team in the near future – so make sure you stay tuned!

The game will feature a female protagonist(more on the protagonist later, we promise she’s very interesting and fun!) who must face numerous challenges in the dangerous and exciting fantasy world. The game will feature semi-open environments, engaging combat and difficult choices that challenge the protagonist’s morality!

The upcoming game, a new prototype and Myrkur’s vision. All in the introductory video below!

About Brooklyn
We share a single passion for amazing games that are able to inspire and entertain. That is why we make them.

The Myrkur Team

We bring together a diverse range of skills to create amazing games. We have developed platforming games, VR software solutions and are now working on a 3rd person fantasy RPG game.


Daníel A. Sigurðsson

Lead Software Developer

Being a lead software developer means that Daníel leads the development of all of the actions and events that occur inside the game, including combat and narrative interaction. He also creates animations for all kinds of creatures and interesting things that reside in our world.


Halldór S. Kristjánsson

Lead Art & Design

Halldór is the lead gameplay and art designer. As an art designer, his role includes visual design, 3D modeling, texturing and general asset production. In his “not so free time”, Halldór also manages video production and web development.


Friðrik A. Friðriksson

Management & PR

Friðrik is the business mind of the company. His responsibilities include management, public events and affairs as well as other PR-related tasks. Friðrik also serves a secondary role as a game developer, specializing in visual effects and post-production.

Our Work


Great ambition is the drive behind all of our work.
We’ve created games, VR solutions and so much more. Check it all out!

Myrkur working on a new title

Myrkur’s new role-playing title focused on providing gripping narrative and engaging combat within an immersive fantasy world.

We at Myrkur are excited to announce our fantasy role-playing game (title not yet disclosed) to be released in 2020!  We are now in the beginning of a truly exciting journey and we invite you to follow along with development updates on our website and Youtube channel. The Myrkur team is completely committed to developing an inspiring and unforgettable gaming experience.



An intense and fun sidescroller with rogue-like elements, fun combat and engaging visuals.

Face off your enemies with an arsenal of creative spells or try your skill with magically imbued swords in the lower crypts of Zev’ru. Warden of Averon is a fun and challenging side-scroller created by Myrkur.


Immerse your entire body inside VR!

What if you could have your full body tracked inside virtual reality experiences?

That’s the question that inspired Myrkur to develop a technology which allows users to enter virtual environments with a full virtual body that is tracked in real time. All of this accomplished by our Full Body VR tech using consumer grade hardware and requiring minimal setup.


Games and Virtual Reality Education

We create educational content and bring VR to people all around!

We develop educational material for highs school students who want to study or work in video games and virtual reality. We are inspired to help strengthen the education available to young students who share our passion for games or are interested in working in the industry. We also provide a hands-on educational demonstration of virtual reality devices for students and other interested parties, where we share our expertise and experience developing for and working with VR.


Our Work

MYRKUR partners

We at Myrkur believe that openness, collaboration and communication are key for any business to succeed. That is why we are always looking to team up with individuals and companies that share our passion and interests.


Reykjavík University


Center for Analysis and Design of Intelligent Agents

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Fjölbrautaskóli Norðurlands vestra


Dr. David J. Thue



Dr. Hannes H. Vilhjálmsson



The latest from MYRKUR

News, events, videos, partnerships, projects and more fun stuff. Check out what we’ve been up to!

Students from Fjölbrautaskóli Norðurands vestra visit Reykjavík University

Myrkur Software recently arranged a visit for students at Fjölbrautaskóli Norðurlands vestra(FNV) high school to visit Reykjavík University. The students who attended are all part of a course at FNV, which premiered last semester with the highest popularity of any elective course at the school. Myrkur Software assists in creating educational material for the students and helped coordinate their visit to Reykjavík University.   Read more

Students Visit Myrkur for VR Education

Students from Fjölbrautskólinn í Breiðholti came to visit Myrkur for a unique opportunity to learn about virtual reality and – of course, try it out for themselves. The students visiting Myrkur had great enthusiasm and were really interested in learning about both VR and game development. We got to meet a lot of great individuals, who are sure to make it far in the industry in a few years! Read more

VR/Game Educational Seminar at Fjölbrautaskóli Norðurlands vestra

The Myrkur team traveled to Sauðarkrókur to educate students about virtual reality and game development, during Fjölbrautarskóli Norðurlands-Vestra “open days”. Over the two days, we had four groups in total, three groups of students and one group of interested teachers and individuals. Read more