March 9, 2017

VR/Game Educational Seminar at Fjölbrautaskóli Norðurlands vestra

The Myrkur team traveled to Sauðarkrókur to educate students about virtual reality and game development, during Fjölbrautarskóli Norðurlands-Vestra “open days”. Over the two days, we had four groups in total, three groups of students and one group of interested teachers and individuals. The seminar was a great success, we got to meet a lot of enthusiastic and great students as well as being able to share our passion and knowledge.

In addition, Myrkur has been assisting Fjölbrautaskóli Norðurlands-Vestra in creating content for their class on VR and Video games (we also make educational videos which are used in the class). So, it was a great opportunity to meet the class and get to know the students. FNV has a bright future in VR and games, as the course premiere semester had two full classes of interested students making the class the most popular optional class in the school.

We hope to see everyone again next year!