Warden of Averon

Warden of Averon is a rogue-lite, roleplaying game with unique combat and visuals.

Story behind the game

Warden of Averon was the first game Myrkur Software developed. Warden of Averon originated from a Reykjavík University course directed by David James Thue and Marco Bancale, in which Myrkur’s founders met. The goal of the course was to create a game within the span of three weeks. To create teams with balanced and multidisciplinary talent, students were surveyed in their field of interest and prior experience at the very start of the course. With consideration to personal preference, teachers then divided the students into groups as best they could according to survey results.

Warden of Averon: A new take on rogue-lite's

Warden of Averon (WoA) is a rogue-lite sidescroller inspired by games like Rogue Legacy and Dark Souls (series). The game encourages players to invent their own style of play with unique spells and weapon enchants to help shape each experience. Attribute systems allow players to further focus their character growth towards their preferred playstyle. The game combines challenging combat with responsive platforming and unique visuals.

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