The beginning of an epic journey


Over the next three years, Myrkur will be developing a third person fantasy role-playing game.

Something new and unique


We are working hard to create a unique world in which players are able to find truly exciting and fulfilling experiences. We are all lifelong passionate gamers who share a common goal; to create something inspiring and awesome.

What we want

A Triple-a Experience

We at Myrkur have all been inspired by legendary games such as Witcher, Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Dark Souls. All of our lives have been influenced by the awesome creations of pioneering game developers, who have motivated us to follow our passion.

We strive to create a true “AAA” quality experience with our game. We want to invite you into an exciting world and engage you in something that truly feels like a top quality game.

Developing the Game

Creating the Characters

Characters are the pillars of any good story. We want to create diverse and interesting characters, all of which contribute to the story in a meaningful way. That is why we will take great care to build characters that are believable and fun for players to interact with. Using the most advanced tools and techniques available, including ZBrush, Marvelous designer and Substance we seek to create characters of the highest quality to enrich our story.

The Protagonist

The game will feature a female protagonist(more on the protagonist later, we promise she’s very interesting and fun!) who must face numerous challenges in the dangerous and exciting fantasy world. The game will feature semi-open environments, engaging combat and difficult choices that challenge the protagonists morality!

Creating Believable Animations

We want characters in our game to feel as real as possible. That is why we will use state of the art motion capture technology to capture the performance of real actors for our game. Motion capture technology allows us to create the characters we envision for our game without any compromise. Additionally, Epic Games have worked hard to provide the Unreal 4 engine with excellent tools we need to achieve our goals.

The Combat

The combat of the game is very important to us. The combat is integral to our story and we want to make it feel highly engaging and entertaining. Inspired by series such as Dark Souls, Mass Effect and Witcher, the combat will have a heavy focus on epic sword fighting and a wide arsenal of spells. The game will offer a wide variety of interesting and challenging enemies and players will have to adapt and evolve in order to overcome them.

Story and Progression

The heart of our upcoming game is the story we want to tell. We want players to experience a rich story with interesting and detailed characters where players are able to make meaningful choices and carve their own path. Players will uncover the story of our female protagonist as she is faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges and difficult choices which challenge her morality.

The World

Like Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings or C.S Lewis’ Narnia, the game is set in a magical fantasy world where players will never know what lies around the corner. The game will feature semi-open environments in exotic settings such as tropical jungles, icy mountains and desolate plains.

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