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We love to share our passion and we believe that anyone can learn about VR and video game development.

VR and Video Games

We at Myrkur are lifelong, passionate gamers and we are committed to set our mark on the gaming industry, through our products and expertise. We believe in strengthening the game industry and we think that the best way to make that happen is by educating students interested in the industry (and everyone else!) to help them find their path within it.

We at Myrkur have a lot of experience when it comes to virtual reality technology and computer games, and we simply love sharing our expertise and passion in those fields. As such we jump at any opportunity to share our passion and knowledge of virtual reality and game development. 

As a way to accomplish this Myrkur has been collaborating with Fjölbrautaskóli Norðurlands-Vestra by creating educational content for their new class on VR and video games as well as creating educational videos which are used in the class as support material. The course has so far been very well received and after just one semester it ended up being the most popular elective course in the school.

Educational Seminars and Lectures

Myrkur has also been providing a hands-on educational demonstration of virtual reality technology for students and many other interested parties. During demonstrations, the Myrkur team offers participants a presentation of virtual reality technology and and a chance to try it out for themselves!

Check out some of these events in our news section (found here).

If you’re interested in collaborating with us on VR education or looking for someone experienced in VR and game development to talk about their experience and expertise, feel free to contact us in the contact section below.

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