March 4, 2017

Myrkur Showcases Full Body VR Tech at Reykjavík University

Myrkur was honored to be invited to showcase both our Full Body VR technology and our platforming game during “Háskóladagurinn” at Reykjavík University. Háskóladagurinn is an open-house event held by universities in Iceland. We were invited to show the projects, because they both originated from Reykjavík University, and were developed as a collaboration between Myrkur and CADIA, the research center at Reykjavík University.

We at Myrkur believe that universities and companies need to cooperate and collaborate to be able to offer students the best possible education they can receive. We are actively collaborating with CADIA, and we hope that we can bring students from Reykjavík University as interns in the near future. Our hope is to strengthen education possibilities in Iceland for students interested in developing games.