June 5, 2017 dorisnaer@gmail.com

Myrkur Receives Fræ, a Seed Grant from Rannsóknamiðstöð Íslands

Myrkur is very proud to be the recipient of Fræ, a seed grant from the Technological Development Fund managed by Rannsóknarmiðstöð Íslands. Myrkur applied for Fræ early 2017, to help fund the development of a prototype for Myrkur’s upcoming fantasy title.

Developing a prototype is an essential of game development, as it serves to help make better design decisions early that resonate throughout the development of the game.

The team at Myrkur is incredibly humbled by the support that Rannsóknarmiðstöð Íslands, or Rannís, is providing us with. We believe that Iceland is growing as an ecosystem for innovation and that it will become one of the best countries for startups and entrepreneurs to pursue bold and innovative solutions. Rannís is one of the leaders of this growth and serves the role of administering public funds in the fields of research, innovation, education and culture in Iceland.

Learn more about Rannís here.

Managed by interdisciplinary experts from various knowledge, experience, and backgrounds, the Technology Development Fund is used to fund innovative research and development in Iceland. The Technology Development Fund offers five different grants where each grant tailored to a different stage of project development. Fræ, is the name of the grant focused on the earliest stages of development, primarily designed for companies that are in the idea or prototyping phase. More on Fræ here.

Fræ will help Myrkur gain early feedback from market consumers, assist the diagnosis of major technical challenges as well as improve general management and planning. The Myrkur team are extremely proud to be the recipient of Fræ and we look forward to continuing to contribute to the Icelandic community of innovators and entrepreneurs.

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