Virtual Reykjavík: Myrkur and CADIA Collaborate with Social VR!

Myrkur Software collaborated on integrating full body virtual reality software with Virtual Reykjavík, allowing users to enter the experience in virtual reality using a tracked full body avatar. The result of the collaboration showed many interesting possibilities, as users could now physically walk inside the Virtual Reykjavík training application. A short demonstration of the work can be seen in the video and images included on this page. Leading this collaborative research was Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson, Associate Professor at Reykjavík University.



Virtual Reykjavik is an online language and culture training application designed for beginning adult learners of Icelandic as a foreign or second language. In the video game-like environment, learners are able to practice spoken language by talking to virtual characters and listening skills by listening to the virtual characters’ answer.